Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Concern About ISB

Just wondering what you think,

Last summer the International School of Brooklyn moved into a bigger building with more classrooms, bigger windows. Moving into the new location was an exciting time for them. I was extremely happy as well. They were still at the old building when I went on the interview and tour.

After it was obvious that I would have to enroll Jaida in another school, I decided to drive by ISB's new location. (So that I could visualize Jaida going there next year.) My desire for her to go to that school, though, came to a crashing halt...when I saw that the school is right next to and above a dry cleaning facility. I thought to myself,

"What about perc and other chemicals seeping through the walls?"

Man, even if I could enroll Jaida in that school, I wouldn't do it. Perhaps there are newer, safer developments in the dry cleaning industry, I don't know--but for now ISB is no longer an option.

If anyone from ISB would like to address that concern, please feel free to comment. I still love what you're doing and wish you all the best.

¡Qué le vaya bien! May everything go well for you!


brooklynite said...

Hi there, I'm a parent of a child at ISB (now in 3rd year there). I came across your post while searching for more info about ISB online.

First, the school administration has been extremely open about discussing this with parents at various meetings and in person, so you've been welcome at any time to ask for more information if you had any concerns.

In summary, remediation of potential environmental issues posed by the dry cleaners was a critical point for ISB from day one in their long negotiations for the space throughout 2006/07.

Without that issue resolved up-front, there would not now be an ISB school in that space (as opposed to other options).

In a nutshell, the landlord agreed to require the dry cleaners to upgrade to all-new, more environmentally friendly / "green" systems, AND that the space subsequently be inspected and certified by the EPA as being clean and free of any environmental hazards prior to ISB taking occupancy.

ISB reserved the right to walk from the deal without penalty unless both of the above were completed prior to occupancy.

Both were completed by last summer as required, prior to the school move-in and opening of ISB's Fall 2007 semester there.

So fear not, for even as you noticed it, all of this has always been extremely obvious and top-priority to all involved, and even the resolution of it is old news.

brooklynite said...

Oh, also...forgot to mention.

Very nice idea for a blog!

Now that I found it, I will definitely check back for updates.

Best wishes for a prosperous New Year, and I look forward to more visits for great ideas here.

Jessica said...

Hi brooklynite,

I'm glad you like my blog idea and that you plan to visit again.

Also, thanks for sharing in such detail the precautionary measures ISB has taken to ensure a safe school environment.

Come back soon and spread the word about this blog.

Happy and Prosperous New Year to you too!