Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to Type Spanish Characters

When preparing lessons and labels to help me teach and learn Spanish with my children, I had to find out how to type the special characters and accent marks of the Spanish language.

So here's a chart for PC users:

Hold down the ALT key and type the followings numbers for:

á ALT 160

é ALT 130

í ALT 161

ó ALT 162

ú ALT 163

Á ALT 0193

É ALT 0201

Í ALT 0205

Ó ALT 0211

ü ALT 129

Ü ALT 154

ñ ALT 164

Ñ ALT 165

¿ ALT 168

¡ ALT 173

To learn how to type Spanish characters for Mac Users visit

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