Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Here's a Clever Bilingual Joke

My oldest daughter is into doing magic tricks and telling jokes. I'm thinking about having her do a little show and posting it up.

I received this cute joke from SpanishPod today called Pescaditos Joke. My daughter really got a kick out of it, so I wanted to share it with everyone:

Amigo: ¿Te cuento un chiste?

Amiga: Bueno.

Amigo: ¿Por qué el mar es azul?

Amiga: No sé. (I learned it as "no lo sé")

Amigo: Porque los pescaditos hacen, "Blu, blu, blu, blu..." (make the sound of bubbles)


Friend 1: Can I tell you a joke?

Friend 2: Okay.

Friend 1: Why is the ocean blue?

Friend 2: I don't know.

Friend 1: Because the fishies say, "Blu, blu, blu, blu..."


A little note: I'll be away from blogging for a couple of weeks.


Karen said...

Isn't it great when you understand a joke in another language? :)

We are Little Amigos said...

that is so cute!!! LOVE it.

tati said...

It's very cute! Thanks for sharing!