Tuesday, July 22, 2008

15 Minute Spanish Time! Lesson Plan: My Family ~ Mi familia

Topic: My Family ~ Mi familia (Day 5)

Vamos a Cantar – Let’s sing
Song: "Canción de Saludar/Greeting Song"-Track #6 Boca Beth’s My 1st cd
Song: Spanish Alphabet song Bonus #1*
Song: “I love my mommy” - Track #16 We are Little Amigos cd

Vamos a jugar – Let’s Play
Game/Activity: Go online to PBSKids Dragon Tales. The character Quetzal reads a cute storybook called, Search for Mami. As the friends travel through Dragon Land to places like the playground and Rainbow River, there are many pictures and Spanish words for your child to click on to hear the Spanish pronunciation.

Es la hora de decir adiós (It’s time to say goodbye)
Song: “We are Little Friends” – Track #2 We are Little Amigos cd

Praise and Encouragement in Spanish: Try to use 3 Spanish words or phrases of praise and encouragement today and throughout the week. Fill in the third one. (You’ll find the list in Bonus #2*)

1. Déjame verLet me see.
2. ¡Qué bonito/a!How beautiful!
3. ___________________________________________________

Throughout the day and week, in addition to Spanish Time! above:

  • Review all activities while in the car, bathtub, or whenever teachable moments arise.
  • Put on Spanish kid shows, let your Spanish music cd play as background music while your child is eating or playing.
  • Read the English version of your Spanish-English book to your child a few times to get her familiar with the vocabulary and story. At other times, read it in Spanish. You could also turn your bilingual books in audio books by asking a Spanish-speaking friend to record herself reading in Spanish.
The titles for songs and books in these lesson plans are suggestions. They are what I use at home with my children. Feel free to use and recommend other resources for this lesson topic.

*from our easy-to-follow Spanish lesson plan resource with many other games, activities, and projects.

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