Saturday, August 9, 2008

Backyardigans "Boinga" in Spanish

Are your kids into the Backyardigans?

After watching several episodes of Pocoyo, my girls found clips of the Backyardigans songs in Spanish. They were so amazed that the Backyardigans can speak Spanish.


Hazme un favor, por favor. If you any of you, our Spanish-speaking friends, have a moment, please give us some Spanish keywords and phrases in this song to listen for. While my children enjoyed watching these clips, my eldest exclaimed, "I can't understand a word they're singing. I want to understand." She said this after we listened only once. I told her that I'm sure she'll recognize many Spanish words when we listen to the songs over and over again. But your help with specific keywords would help.




We are Little Amigos said...

Hola Jessica!

WOW, that was a little too fast even for me! a lot of Spanish words have more syllables than English, so when the songs are translated into Spanish, it sounds like they say the words really fast to make it "fit". But here are a few useful ones I was able to pick up:

1. ¿puedes enseñarnos? = can you show/teach us?

2. no entendimos muy bien = we didn't understand too well.

3. ¡muy bien! = very good!

Hasta pronto y... BOINGA!

tati said...

This is great! I love finding fun things that can be in Spanish, too!

Please check out my blog :)

I will be back to read more of yours!

Jessica said...

BOINGA to you too, Maribel :) Thanks for helping us out.

Yes, tati, finding shows and songs that the kids are already familiar with in Spanish too is fun. Glad you came by, and I'll be stopping by your blog often too.

Juggling Act said...

My kids love the Backyardigans, so they'll be thrilled to watch this.

katherine micaela said...

They are so cute. I wish i know how to speak spanish.. can someone teach me? Im into a+ cbt training. Wish there is a panish trainor for me.

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