Monday, December 1, 2008

Christian Music in Spanish

I was delighted to find that many of the worship songs that my family enjoys in English are also recorded in Spanish. My children have even started singing the songs in Spanish.(For Spanish Worship songs Especially for kids CLICK HERE)

I Will Sing of Your Love Forever - Cantaré De Tu Amor Por Siempre
Shout to the Lord - Canta al Señor
Our God is an Awesome God - Admirable Dios
Trading My Sorrows - Cambiaré Mis Tristezas
This is the Day - Este Es El Día
Who is Like the Lord? - Quien Como el Señor
It is Well - Estoy bien
Come, Now is the Time to Worship
- Ven, Es Tiempo De Adorarle
My Life Belongs to You - Mi Vida Tuya Es
What a Friend We Have in Jesus - Oh,
Qué Amigo Nos Es Cristo

To hear audio clips, just click on the following links.

Songs 4 Worship: Glorificate
Songs 4 Worship: Canta Al Senor
Songs 4 Worship: Sendas Dios Hara
Songs 4 Worship: El Poder De Tu Amor
Songs 4 Worship: En Espanol EuTu Presencia


Señor Jones said...

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Diane said...

Thank you for this list of worship songs, most of which I know & love in English. I never even realized Spanish versions were out there. BTW, Merry Christmas :-)
Diane from

rdmami said...

Thank you so much for sharing this information. As a mother of three who is teaching her three girls Spanish at home I find myself using music a lot to immerse my daughters in the Spanish language. If you're a parent out there or a caregiver who is trying to teach your children Spanish please visit my blog for tips at

Adamgv said...

Great Blog! Check out this new Christian band that just released their first album. From what I heard on the samples site, they sound really good.

Introducing the new Christian National Anthem: Guns & Jesus.

Tati said...

I think spiritual music is so beautiful in different languages! It reminds me that God loves everyone! Thanks for sharing.


Jessica said...

Thank you all for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I'm glad the post was helpful.

Jen said...

This is great. I've been trying to compile of a list of christian resources, books, etc in Spanish.

I've been reading through your archives, I do hope you'll keep writing this blog when you have time. It's nice to see someone who looks like you trying to do the same thing you are.



Manoj Sharma said...

Thanks for sharing this nice information. Great song, after convert English song in to Spanish.
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shinn said...

I found some serene Christian Music lyrics online. I thought you might want to check them out.

katherine micaela said...

Im a speaking spanish but still i love it. It's Christian songs. This one really makes my day! i've needed something like this to help me with spiritually. Are there cds on sale?

aileen joy said...

THanks a lot. like this.. Will this be available in Arkansas?