Saturday, July 18, 2009

Let's Play Chess - Juguemos al ajedrez

Let's Play Chess - Juguemos al ajedrez

This summer my girls (ages 7, 5, 5) are learning to play chess with their dad. He's tried to get them into the game for about a year, but now they're really into the pieces and how they move. They play Chessmaster on Playstation 2 and are actually having fun doing the tutorials.

They were able to visit a chess club once at a local library before the club closed for the summer. My husband was impressed with how the chessmaster (that's what the girls called him) there was able to keep Jaida focused. And then when they played at home, he was thrilled that she was using what she learned on him.

And of course, I seized this chess learning opportunity to weave in Spanish.

Beginner's Chess Terms in English/Spanish

- el ajedrez

chess board
- el tablero de ajedrez

chess pieces - piezas de ajedrez
- el rey

- la reina

- el caballo

bishop - el alfil
rook - el roque
- el peón

- el jaque mate

Visit here for more (advanced) chess terminology in English/Spanish

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Jessica said...

Just wanted to share a "Spanish moment" with everyone.

The kids were watching Handy Manny today and after the show, Jaida came to me excitedly saying that Manny and his Abuelo were playing chess, and he told Abuelito, "Esta es una caja para tus piezas de ajedrez."

¡Me encanta!