Monday, February 25, 2008

Spanish Praise and Encouragement Words

When praising and encouraging our girls in Spanish, my husband and I found that we were always saying, "Muy bien." Surely there are other ways to let the children know that they're doing great in Spanish.

So I made a list of 2-pages worth of praise and encouragement words that we commonly use in English and found the Spanish translations for them.

Here's a sampling:

¡Buen trabajo! Good job! Good work!

¡Bien hecho! Well done!

¡Lo hiciste! You did it!

¡Buenísimo! Super!

¡Eso es! That’s it!

¡Puedes hacerlo! You can do it!

¡Fantástico! Fantastic!

¡Fenomenal! Phenomenal!

Have fun encouraging your child in Spanish and let me know how the list is going for you.



Blue said...

Hi, I am a Spanish teacher of English, and I've been reading your blog, finding it quite interesting. But I would like to point something. Your translation of "Well done" is not Buen hecho, it is Bien hecho. Buen hecho doesn't exist. Hope I helped you a little. I also make loyts of mistakes, haha.
Go on with your blog.

Pablo said...

If we took the meaning of Hecho as deed or action, would that be acceptable in some situations, maybe other than this?

Jessica said...

Thanks for pointing that out Blue.

And Pablo, it does seem like buen would work if the meaning of hecho is deed (a noun).

Thanks for stopping by.