Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ways to Teach Baby Spanish

I recently came across a blog called My Bilingual Kid. In his blog, Josh notes that even though his son is too young right now (4 months old) to do the activities in my Spanish colors lesson plan, he looks forward to using them when he's older.

Es verdad - It's true, I wrote those lessons when my twins turned 3 years old, but I offered ideas on how I interact in Spanish with my 17 month-old. Usually he's napping when I do Spanish Time with my girls.

So here are some simple ways you can teach and interact in Spanish with your baby (infant/ toddler.)

1. In the morning, sing a Spanish “hello” or “good morning” song.

2. Gently lift your baby up and down say “arriba” “abajo.”

3. Open and close your hands and say “abierto” “cierre”

4. Name the food and beverages you give in Spanish.

  • Aqua = water
  • Leche = milk
  • Jugo = juice
  • Jugo de naranja = orange juice
  • Jugo de manzana = apple juice
  • Jugo de uva = grape juice
  • Cereal = cereal
  • Bread = pan
  • Rice = arroz
  • Galletas = crackers/cookies

5. Make simple comments and ask simple questions when it’s eating time.

  • Here you go = Aqui tienes
  • Let’s pray (say grace) = Rezamos
  • Mmm, yummy = muy rico
  • Almost finished = Casi terminado
  • Finished? = ¿Terminado?
  • Want more? = ¿Quieres mas?
  • Yay! You ate all = ¡Comiste todo!
  • No more. = No mas.
  • Do you want something to drink? ¿Quieres algo beber?

6. Diaper time is the perfect time to sing the Spanish alphabet song or the songs you learned from the Boca Beth cd’s .

7. Go over the parts of the body in Spanish and ask, for example, ¿Dónde está tu nariz? Where is your nose?

8. I like to see the big smile on my 17 month-old’s face when I take him by the hand and say “Corre, Jaden, corre.” Run, Jaden, run. And we run (at his pace of course) across the room.

There's a whole lot more that we do and as I think of them I'll post up some more ideas for how you can teach your baby Spanish.

¡Hasta luego!



Josh said...

Thanks for the ideas! I have been trying to use "diaper time" to sneak in a little more Spanish with Harrison.

Thanks for mentioning my blog, it's nice to know that someone other than my family it reading it!

Boca Beth said...

Good Morning Jessica and Josh and all other parents interested in giving their child a jump start on being bilingual!

Boca Beth here, and I am so blessed to have people like Jessica spreading the word about our easy-to-use CDs because the key is daily exposure to new language.

Love, love, love what you are doing amiga to share the bilingual fun that can be had by all who wish to make a difference in their children's futures.

Happy Educating! ¡Sea feliz educando!

Boca Beth

Sarah said...

Hola Jessica,

After reading through your entire blog and visiting the website for your book, I'm so impressed by your lesson plans and concrete ideas for teaching your kids Spanish! You make it sound very manageable. I also appreciate how often you assert that parents do not have to be fluent, flawless speakers of the second language to share it with their kids--after all, a child who speaks a second language with an accent and moderately-sized vocabulary is a lot better off than a child who doesn't speak or understand a second language at all!

An American with a monolingual American husband, I have been teaching my nephew French for two years and now am doing the same with my own baby. It's so exciting! I invite you and your readers to drop by and visit my blog, "Bringing up Baby Bilingual," and join in the conversation!


Jessica said...

Muchas gracias to you all for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

I get so excited about Spanish and the thought that my children are well on their way to becoming bilingual. Keeping this blog helps me to stay motivated and focused, and it gives me the opportunity to share and encourage others.

And Sarah, I'm glad you found me. I already had your blog bookmarked for some time now (before your baby was born.) Thanks for the kind words about my sites and the invitation to yours.


Karen said...

Just read your entire blog and I think it's great what you're doing! :) I'm also teaching my boys Spanish - or at least trying. ;) Perhaps if I wrote about it in a blog, I would be more successful.

Oh, before I forget, I would highly recommend listening to podcasts to improve your own Spanish. One I listen to regularly is I can't say enough good things about it. Also, there is which has beginner, intermediate and advanced levels (peninsular Spanish). I love listening to podcasts when I'm folding clothes, cleaning, etc. :)

Oh, another thing is chatting in Spanish using There are so many helpful people who want to do exchanges. It is very helpful!

¡Suerte amiga!

Jessica said...

Hi Karen, thanks for visiting and commenting.

I spent some time checking out those podcast sites.

They sound like fun alternatives to buying a physical program or perhaps a great addition to. I especially liked the option of having a "live" online teacher.

My husband mentioned to me about somehow using Skype or PalTalk(?)to practice Spanish with others.

These are all fantástico ideas to look into.



Karen said...

I'm glad that you liked them. I've added more to my site. (Yep, I started my own blog about teaching my kids Spanish.) ;)