Sunday, May 18, 2008

It’s Breakfast Time – Es la hora de desayuno

Es la hora de desayuno - It’s Breakfast Time

My twins are at the age (preschoolers) when they want to help me do everything--like prepare breakfast. So this is a good time to learn and practice using Spanish with them as well.

Here are some words and sentences you can use to make Spanish a part of your breakfast time. I included help with pronunciation.

Es hora de desayuno. It's time for breakfast.
(ehs OH-rah day day-sah-YOO-noh)

¿Qué quieres para desayuno? What do you want for breakfast?
(kay kee-AYR-ays PAH-rah day-sah-YOO-noh)

¿Cereal o wafles? Cereal or waffles?
(say-ray-AHL o WAH-flays)

Bien, necesitamos un tazón, el cereal y la leche. Ok, we need a bowl, cereal and milk.
(nay-say-see-TAH-mohs oon tah-ZOHN, ehl say-ray-AHL, ee lah lay-chay)

Vierte el cereal en el tazón. Pour the cereal into the bowl.
(bee-AYR-tay ehl say-ray-AHL ehn ehl tah-ZOHN)

Entonces vierte la leche en el cereal. Then pour the milk into the cereal.
(ehn-TOHN-says bee-AYR-tay lah lay-chay ehn ehl say-rah-AHL)

¿Qué más necesitamos? What else do we need?
(kay mahs nay-say-see-TAH-mohs)

Las cucharas Spoons
(lahs koo-CHAH-rahs)

Vamos a comer. Let’s eat.
(bah-mohs ah koh-mayr)

TIP: Remember you don’t have to use the whole Spanish sentence in order to make Spanish a part of your day. (That will come as you learn more and more Spanish). You can just focus on vocabulary.

It’s breakfast time. In English we say “breakfast,” in Spanish we say “desayuno.”

What do you want for “desayuno.”

Hope this helps. Let me know by commenting below.


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