Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Language Learning and Learning to Read

Does Bilingualism Help Children Learn to Read?

Learning and using another language have been linked to all kinds of benefits for children and adults. This is particularly true for young children's expanding cognitive abilities. According to Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto of Dartmouth College, children who have been exposed early to a second language possess an overall 'cognitive edge.' Numerous studies have also linked language education to higher scores on many standardized tests. But can knowing another language also help children learn to read?" (Read more)


Josh said...

I hope that by reading often to my son (in Spanish and English) he will both pick up new words and grammar and also gain an appreciation for reading. I have also read articles that suggest that bilingual children become better readers. The book I am reading now, Raising A Bilingual Child, is going to talk about also.

Jessica said...

Reading to your child (in any language) will reap bountiful rewards.

It's funny. I was an English teacher while pregnant with my first daughter, and I think all the reading, teaching, and studying rubbed off on her because her vocabulary is tremendous. She uses words like "obnoxious," "flabbergasted," and "predicament" correctly and in context. I also believe it has to do with her learning Spanish too.

So, keep reading to your son and trust that he's absorbing the words, grammar and appreciation for language too.