Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spanish, Bilingual LeapFrog Toys--a lot to choose from...

Just wanted to spread the word about a new blog I started showcasing learning toys from LeapFrog called LeapFrog Learning Toys Review. I'm very excited about LeapFrog because they offer so many toys and reading activities not only in English, but in Spanish and bilingual.

What I've done on the blog is searched out the Spanish and bilingual toys on LeapFrog (as well as English) and put up a post about one toy a day.

The toys are also categorized for visitors to easily search for the type of language learning toys they want.

Please visit and if your child has any of the LeapFrog toys displayed, leave a comment to let us know how it's doing for your family.

These toys would make wonderful gifts for little language learners and enhance any preschool's language program!

Nos vemos a LeapFrog Learning Toys Review.



katherine micaela said...

Thanks for sharing this. Now i know so spanish terms. How about furniture? what's the term?

Anonymous said...