Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yo quiero un 'snack-o'

¡Hola todos!

I've totally slacked off in doing Spanish Discovery Time with my kids.

I guess with them being in school most of the day, by the time they get home from school it's homework, eat, ready for bed.

They do somehow manage to get Spanish in themselves, though. Earlier today, they were playing with Dora action figures and the dollhouse. And they were playing pretend in Spanish, saying things like "hola" (hello), "pase, pase" (come in, come in), "Yo quiero un snack-o." I know, 'snack-o' is not a Spanish word, but my oldest daughter corrected her younger sister and said, "Oh, not 'snack-o'. You mean, 'Yo quiero una merienda.'"

I also have her read her Spanish books to us, when she does her homework.

So, that's what we've been up to.

!Hasta pronto!

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Jessica said...

After listening to a SpanishPod about having a snack, I told my daughter that I've known merienda to be the Spanish word for snack. So, Liliana and JP using tentempié was new to me. But not to my daughter. She said that in school they used the word tentempié.

Wow, who needs SpanishPod? LOL

¿Qué tal un tentempié?
How about a snack?