Monday, April 28, 2008

Let's Learn Spanish Today! Pt. ll

Here's a quick schedule of my Spanish learning with Visual Link. For the 30 days I want to cover the following topics: a) Basic Needs b) Greetings c) Survival Expressions and d) Comprehension.

Basic Needs

Day One
1) Sección 1
a) Movie #1
b) Vocabulary #1
c) Verbal Quiz #1

Day Two
2) Sección 1a
a) Movie #2
b) Verbal Quiz #2

Day Three
3) Sección 1b
a) Movie #3
b) Vocabulary #2
c) Review Game - Group 1

Day Four
4) Sección 1b cont'd
a) Movie #4
b) Vocabulary #3
c) Review Game - Group 2
d) Verbal Quiz #3

Day Five
5) Sección 1c
a) Movie #5
b) Review Game - Group 3
c) Verbal Quiz #4

Day Six
6) a) Review Game - ?/Ans/Links
b) Practice Quiz

My schedule for the other topics will follow. I plan to start Monday, May 5. You could follow along to some extent with the free lessons they have.


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