Friday, April 25, 2008

Let's Learn Spanish Today!

I’m so excited about my blog. I’ve always loved keeping journals as a youngster. Writing about my day, my friends, my hopes was like a way of escape for me.

Anyway, I was looking over the Visual Link Spanish program website the other day to see what was new. I bought this program 5 or 6 years ago to help me learn Spanish again. I liked the program. It helped me learn Spanish in sentences.

I took a look at their guarantee again:

With approximately 30 minutes of study per day, become
conversational in 30 days - GUARANTEED.

“Yes, this is what I want!” I was immediately motivated to take them up on their promise. This time around I’ll have my blog and you visitors to help me stick with it. So along with posting my Spanish lesson plans for children, I’ll keep you posted about how I’m doing with this program.

Here’s a little background on where my spoken Spanish is. I don’t speak Spanish fluently. My Spanish vocabulary is very large, though. So I will admit that I probably know more Spanish words than average. However, when it comes to speaking, I’m not confident at all. My speech is slow, and I have a hard time understanding Spanish that’s spoken to me or played on T.V. I just know enough Spanish to teach my children different words and simple household phrases.

We had the ideal situation when Patricia, our former Spanish-speaking babysitter was around. I did not seize the opportunities to speak with her as much as I could have. My insecurity got the best of me.

And when I go to the corner store—they speak Spanish—the most I’ll say is “hola,” “Puedes ayudarme? (Can you help me?) and “gracias.” I told one of the guys there in Spanish (after much thought) that I want to learn Spanish but I’m shy. He said something about “poco,” then followed up in English with “one word at a time.”

I’m mentioning this just so you’ll have an idea of where I’m starting with this Visual Link Spanish program again. During the 30 days I’ll document what I’ve done each day for the 30 minutes. After the 30 days I’ll let you know how confident and conversational in Spanish I’ve become.

I'll need to come up with an assessment. Maybe I'll strike up a conversation with the Spanish-speaking store owner across the street. Or I could call my husband's friend's wife, she speaks Spanish.

Have any of you used this program? Tell us what you think about it.

Hasta luego!


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